Our Distillery

Life at our distillery

Our jenevers, liqueurs, herbal drinks and gins truly come to life in our distillery building. This is the place where we produce, taste and bring people together. Take a look inside our buildings and enter our world.

A brand-new place with an ancient history

Since 2021, our distillery has been located in a beautifully renovated building. The old distillery building, designed by architect Renaat Braem in the early 1940s, was given a contemporary update while respecting its original character. The rich past remains tangible everywhere, but the focus is much more on the experience of our products. In the new building, you’ll have a front-row seat to experience our craftsmanship: you’ll catch a glimpse of the production process, be immersed in our drinks and enjoy some tastings.


Where the magic happens: this is where the real ‘spirits’ are created. During distillation, we concentrate alcohol and flavourings from a base mixture through evaporation and condensation. The result is a distillate that is very close to our end product: your jenever, liqueur, herbal drink or gin!

Maceration room

Our very own laboratory. Here, we soak spices, herbs and/or fruit in an alcohol-water mixture for weeks to release flavourings and essential substances. This is also where the finishing touches are applied to our drinks, from bottling and labelling to storage and further maturation.


You can get to know all our products in our shop. Come along to taste, for more information about our drinks or to compose a gift box.


Our former herb loft has been transformed into a meeting place for bringing people together to taste our products in the authentic atmosphere of the distillery.


Our distillery is located in Nieuwkerken, in the heart of Waasland. A bustling village surrounded by farmland, meadows and fields where you can walk and cycle. Moreover, there is plenty to do all year round. Local entrepreneurs regularly join forces. Visit other entrepreneurs in the area or ask us for places to go and enjoy a hearty meal.

Come and taste

Feel like experiencing all this in person? You can always come to us, but three times a year, your presence will be extra appreciated during our open days. Then you can taste all our drinks for free and get to know the production processes, history and stories behind our distillery.

Unfortunately, there are no open-house events planned at the moment.
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