CocktailsGoeie Marsjandies
Goeie Marsjandies
Citroenjenever (‘Lemon Gin’)
1cl Lemon Jenever
1cl elderflower syrup
4cl sparkling water
14cl Cava Mascaró Brut Nigrum
2 wedges of lime
2 crushed mint leaves
crushed ice

Take a deep and wide glass and fill part of it with crushed ice. Add Lemon Jenever and then elderflower syrup. Pour in the sparkling water and finally the Cava Mascaró Brut Nigrum. Add some more ice. Stir briefly with a bar spoon. Finish with wedges of lime and mint leaves.

With thanks to Marsjandies for creating this cocktail.

The Flavors of this Cocktail

Citroenjenever (‘Lemon Gin’)
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